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EQ6 Improvements

par le Oct.24, 2012, sous Astronomy

I just received my EQ6 mount.

This mount is really robust but has a lot of little but anoying conception errors.
– Azimuth axis is metal to metal so it is very hard to move
– Declination adjustment is very hard to set-up at latitudes higher 30°

So I decided to fix the issues.

First adding a teflon washer in the azimuth axis
Second extending the notch on the declination.
See picture below

Additional Notch glued and screwed

Next modification will be the replacement of the two motors and gears with new 400 step Nanotec motors and belts.
The motors will be mounted on a new plate that will replace the original front plate of the electronics.
The motors will be controlled by a developement based on the PIC ASTRO web page.
and other links on the Astrolabo web page

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Moon with 270Mm F6 Dobson and Webcam

par le Oct.30, 2010, sous Astronomy

I just tested a modified Webcam.
I dismantled the lense and mounted the cam on a tube to adapt to the focuser.
Here is one of the first pictures

First test picture

Done with Webcam without any optic, just on focuser

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Arduino Mega

par le Sep.18, 2010, sous Microcontrôleurs

I just received the Arduino Mega board
Unfortunately there is not too much documentation on the Atmega <> arduino pins available.
So I tried to make the association myself.
See the Openoffice calc sheet here Arduino_Mega_Pins
and the Atmega Pinout there

Arduino Mega PIN Implementation

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Self Made Collimator

par le Juil.01, 2010, sous Astronomy

Nothing simpler than making a low cost but efficent collimator:

  • a piece of PVC tube D=32mm
  • Two self made orifice plates
  • A cheap Laser Pointer
  • A Cross hair printed on an elliptic paper
  • and some tools
  • For the PVC tube the household sewer tube can be found in any shop.
    To get the required concentricity, the best is to do both at same time:

  • Two alu plates fixed together and circular cut
  • Bore a 1mm hole in the plates
  • fixation of the plates with a screw in a drill
  • polish the edges to make it fit the tube intenal diameter, circular and concentric
  • For the cross hair I printed it on a paper including the hole in the middle (concentric ellipes and cross).
    Centering the laser pointer in the tube wiorks quite fine with six screws.

    To fit the 32mm exterior PVC tube diameter to the 31,75mm fix it into a drill or lathe and use some abrassive paper to reduce diameter.

    And that’s it.
    Have a look at the beast!
    collimateur laser

    The complete drawing is here Collimator_Drawing

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